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Monday, February 04, 2008
chinese new year is round the corner.
i have been baking n cooking.
made some peanut butter cookies and bak kwa..

it feels different to be here.
i cant however describe the feeling and the atmosphere back home.
ill miss the nasi lemaks.
ill miss the home, the family, the sisters, the parents, the only brother.the uncles,aunties and the cousins.
the mahjong sessions. the black jack with mum and trying to con all her money.
the sound of firecrackers.the familiar smells of home fresh cooked breakfast,lunch, dinners.
the ang paos.the past midnight and screamings.
its family after all.
i miss seeing the amount of goodies in my house, sitting on the swing in the garden.
i jus miss home.
it feels all different.
dont feel any spirit of chinese new year. its just probably me...
its never the same.
but i guess im blessed enough to have friends, colleagues and soon to be my-family around me.
its making do. and knowing that im being well provided for a first time/year away from home during chinese new year.

a culture which most wouldnt understand.
m looking forward to dinner on wed.
and on thurs n friday and saturday!!!

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