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Friday, February 29, 2008
so what if the engagement party is on tomorrow.
i aint feel like having something done to my hair.
having to wear that pretty red dress.
or some shoes that will make my feet hurt.
its in the gardens.
why cant everyone jus wear like shorts, shirts like casual in a smart way.
im sick of this.

maybe its jus cause the family is not around and it just doesnt help.
when ur sisters. non of them is here to morally support you.
to keep you company cause you need some time together.
no one to talk non-sensical stuffs to you.
my nehneh face just got married sista.
she's someone u can talk to anytime.
gossips. hahah family. anything.

i probably am just not in the mood at the moment.
want some alone me time with myself.
but at least for now, m comforted by having 2 sisters to talk to on msn.
it really is not the best but will do for now.

|chunnie.poh| 9:39 PM|

i think lunch is later for me towards the end of the week.
rather starting from thursday
and it gets back to 12.30pm from mondays to wednesdays!!

just a thought.
its 365 days to the big day.
yes we r both excited.
we really just want to praise our God for supporting family & friends and our God too.
without Him, without family and friends. nothing would ever happen.

|chunnie.poh| 2:30 PM|

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
my jie's weddin pics are out at
go check it out!!
its under amy and jack

|chunnie.poh| 12:01 AM|

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
26th jan 2008.

at balgownie estate.
@6.20am, sunrise. i said yes
with nijel.our pilot. who didnt tell a good lie.

the hot air balloon we were on.

|chunnie.poh| 10:22 PM|

let me rant.
from this to that.
i wanna cruise in a car.
blasting buble in it.
or sit at home
with dim lit lights.
with my dearest ones.
people i feel i can open my heart to.
and talk nonsense
non sensical stuffs.
probably with some moscato.
and some fondue to complete the night.
i want to fly home.
see my parents and siblings. n the extended family
much to anticipate the many other things to do.
im off to bed.
getting ready for another brand new day with my children.
spaces to inspire the young minds.
to challenge their curiousity.
for now..

|chunnie.poh| 9:50 PM|

Monday, February 18, 2008
driving to work on a monday morning after a very big weekend is not a good thing to do.
i almost fell asleep in the car on the wheel..
far too dangerous!!
and ive got a new neighbour!!!!
=) my zaazaAA n his family.

|chunnie.poh| 6:14 PM|

Thursday, February 07, 2008
i dont know where to start from.
it really does feel as depressing as it can be.
so today, the first day of chinese new year.
i sit in front of this familiar place.
but not 'home'.
not waking up to the chirpping of birds or the firecrackers.
a first chinese new year away from home.
im feeling sad, nothing seem to be able to steer anything away.
my whole mind is like poofs.
i read the papers online about how millions of cars/people are rushing home for chinese new year.
i want to go home for chinese new year too.
i want to spend time with my family too
this festive season makes it all harder for me to swallow.
for me to accept where im at.

i know HE is teaching me something.
and ill learn it down the track.
but for now, i cant help being who i am

|chunnie.poh| 8:44 AM|

Monday, February 04, 2008
chinese new year is round the corner.
i have been baking n cooking.
made some peanut butter cookies and bak kwa..

it feels different to be here.
i cant however describe the feeling and the atmosphere back home.
ill miss the nasi lemaks.
ill miss the home, the family, the sisters, the parents, the only brother.the uncles,aunties and the cousins.
the mahjong sessions. the black jack with mum and trying to con all her money.
the sound of firecrackers.the familiar smells of home fresh cooked breakfast,lunch, dinners.
the ang paos.the past midnight and screamings.
its family after all.
i miss seeing the amount of goodies in my house, sitting on the swing in the garden.
i jus miss home.
it feels all different.
dont feel any spirit of chinese new year. its just probably me...
its never the same.
but i guess im blessed enough to have friends, colleagues and soon to be my-family around me.
its making do. and knowing that im being well provided for a first time/year away from home during chinese new year.

a culture which most wouldnt understand.
m looking forward to dinner on wed.
and on thurs n friday and saturday!!!

|chunnie.poh| 10:43 PM|

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