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Monday, January 30, 2006
the question is???
shld i come back for 2 my couz weddings
hahah ..all my aunties and my grandma wants to pay for my ticket
cause they feel that without the presence of me
its different.
i cant fathom why?hahha so funnnyyy
just for the weeekk its on the 19th march. n 25th march
shld i should i shld i???

checked the tickets and aunt wanted to BOOK. immediately.
a bit silll rights.
m still holding on to that thought.

and to my little jasmine
who never cease to amuse me by her words and actions.
thanks little one for reassuring me
*if u r interested ask me!!!
she is really funnny!!!!!!

|chunnie.poh| 9:40 PM|

this chinese new year
been cooking cooking..

making snacks for the mahjong sessions.
reunion dinnners....
no more cooking for mum
a little time for her to get around with her siblings
n the little ones.
and playing mahjong!!! and cards!!!!

with the spectacular array of fireworks when the clock strikes 12
our tradition- the nasi lemaks!! n pratas in the weee hours of the morning
kulai, though this little town seems small and might mean nothing to anyone
but in my heart... this little town holds so much.
m blessed to be here, to have my little ones and the older family members holding me through
and the nightly mahjong sessions.=)

off to discuss plans for the couz wedding!!!

loves loves loves.
the bigbig family!=)

*special cheers to the little ones with abundance of joy!!!

|chunnie.poh| 12:03 AM|

Saturday, January 28, 2006

beginnings of the chinese new year...

fireworks and firecrackers being heard every other minute.

the festive season and everyone at home

*screaming away my dearest dearest little oneS!!

more more more pictures to come!

loves loves the fammily...

thanks mummy n dadddy..

*dinner at the old hse with ah ma

*sharing with ah ma

*the hai siblings

*michie,claudia & verlicia

|chunnie.poh| 7:56 PM|

in the little town KULAI...
its infested with cars.
and people many many many of them
everyone's bound home for the CHINESE NEW YEAR
went to the market so many times today!!
trying to send gifts to everyone.
and fetching dajie....
*anyone knows my dajie.knows her temper... *AHHHHHHHHHHHHH *patience.

anticipating every single thing
nasi-lemaks a tradition every chinese new year eve just before it turns 12.
the amt of sharing with all the cousins and relatives.
watching fireworks together and screaming
and running with the little ones.
its a little different this year
with angel not around
but pearlynn,william and jasmine and Goh yi wld be around.=)

till thens.

|chunnie.poh| 2:09 AM|

Friday, January 27, 2006
late last night.
i felt the plurge of all the emotions coming back
surpressed by feelings and thoughts everywhere.
i have been feeling so fragile that somehow i do not even recognise who i am anymore.
it just felt as if it had taken a toll of me
being drained emotionally.

all these in which that i hold
how i wished i would just pour out into an empty box.
sealed it and wrapped it up with pretty papers.
and put it all aside.
all these might have trigger me in some ways that
i would want to erase
that part of journey in my life...
somehow someway i really do
just take it as by pressing the "delete" button on my computer
all these would just be deleted away.
how i wished it was just as simple like that

i can be as strong in front of everyone but inside me its all crumpled and torn
emotions surges.feelings differ.
the restless nights and nightmares haunts on me still.

praying that it would alll go away sooon.=)
a brand new year, brand new beginnings, brand new start
and as HIS mercies are renewed FRESH every morning =)
holding onto HIS promises..

|chunnie.poh| 12:51 PM|

after 2 years. me and violet finally went to the karaoke.
and sing our lungs out.
having that big rooom
jumping,laughing, talking,screaming,chasing each other and do all sorts.

its been a while i really had so much FUN!
just being able to be who i am really to my friends
the REAL ME!

had lots of fun meeting up with nina,serene,pearl & shir.
and sharing the fellowship with them.....
thank God for friends and their abundance of fun,laughter,and everything.
be meeting up with more of these people before i head back to melbourne to be with more people i love!!!

till thens!!!
happpy chinese new year to alll

|chunnie.poh| 2:53 AM|

Sunday, January 22, 2006
4 weeks. as long as it is.
i dunno where this is going to take me to but
just as it is.. everything in HIS time.

back in s.t.c..
we always sing.
in his time
in his time
he makes all things beautiful in his time.
Lord please show me everyday
as you're teaching me your way...

for the amt of grace,strength, wisdom, understandings,clarity of the mind and heart
God have been that pillar of everything.
to the amt of prayers from each:thanks

apart frm that.
been getting myself busy with the home, cousins
parents, siblings, friends!!!!! =) and the retails

*life as it is.
everything in HIS time
all praises and glory goes up to HIM!!!!!

|chunnie.poh| 1:34 AM|

Monday, January 02, 2006
in front of the big mirror at causeway bay.
anne was trying on suits and working wear.
my best friends for 8 years.
she is starting to work
on the day that i leave for hongkong.
it would be sometime before i see her again
from singapore to malaysia to melbourne to hongkong.
misunderstandings, quarrels, tears, fights, laughter, hugs etc.
we have been through it.
we managed to build the friendship over the years.
im holding it close to my heart
this would be the first time in 8 years we would be at different locations for a long time.
thanks bestie.!!! for understanding.

apart from that hongkong.definitely the bonding with the sisters.
havent been on a holiday with them and just spending time with them
we missed you amy.wld be good if you had been here at the same time instead of earlier.
all of the siblings are always at different locations of the world since teens.
im glad we are together during festive seasons.

till thens,maybe now its just back to the home in kulai
with mum and dad.
cousins starts school from wed.
ill have more time to think and more to ponder thens.
maybe ill pick up something to learn or do thens.

|chunnie.poh| 3:15 AM|

this would be the longest time i have thought about it.
todays the end of the 1 week out of 2.
ask me.
there are lots of under-lying thoughts to catch everywhere.
i cant deny a lot of things during this period of time.
i cant deny a lot of stuffs which is happening right now.

i cant even describe how the heart and the mind and the brain functions together.
its pieces everywhere.
i know whatever thats being said or done cant be resaid nor undone.
im just too lost,somber, melancholy and confused..

places that i've beeen
everything i see or do.
you seem to be constantly reminded of
cause whatever that i do and see and know

i just want to share with you

i want to be able to re- live the dreams again
holding onto the child-liked hopes and dreams.
but everything seems so far and impossible from now.

dear God, would you show me the way?
and lead me back?

|chunnie.poh| 2:45 AM|

loves her God,family,friends

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