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Monday, January 29, 2007
thank you for stretching me.
for allowing time and space to grow and think.
and the ability to make mistakes and you still love me the same.
you are amazing.
thank you for making me, ME.
jus the way you have placed every vein.vessels and muscles to build me.
and born me.
Lord i look to you once again and be marvelled at what you have done.
thank yous.

|chunnie.poh| 11:42 AM|

Friday, January 26, 2007
every sunrise is another note.
to ur constance of ur faithfulness.
its a new day.
yes another brand.
and i open all to you.

all the birds sing to our melody
that you've written for the symphony
how i love oh i love all the songs you have given me.
let me sing them back to you.

cause you've given your love
for an everlasting love.
cause you given me someone i can share it with.

let the lights beam in this harmony.
let our hearts find beat within ur keys.
and ill sing..
yes we'll sing.

cause you've given me ur tomb
for an everlasting bloom
and you've given me someone i can share it with.
someone i can share it with.

so we lay our hearts down.
because they are yours
use them as you will.
as you willl

let our lights beam in this harmony
let our hearts find beat to ur key
how we love, oh we love.
the song you have given us.
and we will sing them back to you.

|chunnie.poh| 9:17 AM|

Thursday, January 25, 2007
6.35 am on the eastern freeway.
checked speed-0-meter- 100.
started looking out of the windows and admiring the layers of cloud.
i love mornings.jus being able to soak up into sunrise.. =)
6.39am checked speed-0-meter again.
far out 120.
slowed down...

work was good.
my little georgia wasnt there today.
but to see the children growing and from the babies room to the toddlers.
it was jus wow!!!!

i lovee the children there.
apart from the nappy changing and clearingg the mess of lunch
but there were like heaps of cuddles and kisses and huggies.
its more than rewarding.
i always love work.=)
back to sleeep for a bit.

|chunnie.poh| 5:17 PM|

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
all i can say that You are indescribable and amazing
you placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name.
you see the depths of my heart and you love me the same.
you know me inside out Lord.
i have nothing to hide.
my hands lord, though they are small but they are yours.
use them as you will.

|chunnie.poh| 10:47 AM|

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
as i take off one by one the things in my current room and taking them to the room in flemington.
it feels really weird.
the room there already felt like my room.
with the bed set-up
furnitures and my bookcase is there now.

it finally feels that im shifting away.
after the last 5 years in the city,
its byebye to the city and hellos to the suburb now.

|chunnie.poh| 5:41 PM|

Monday, January 22, 2007
had mackers yesterday morning.
and had mackers jus then again.

i love the ability of having conversations.
even when we are talking in randomness.
fries, nuggets and coke.
shirr. come back quicks.

|chunnie.poh| 10:59 PM|

Sunday, January 21, 2007
it came and went.
it feels quite effy.
i feel the cringe of it.

the heart.
it feels like the weather outside.
gloomy and cloudy.
it feels like the winter season
i jus wan to be in bed.
curled up and be sleepin non stop.
or be back home in kulai.

this week's going to be long.
im holding onto patience.

its going to b hard to move things to the new place
with a sprained leg.

|chunnie.poh| 8:00 PM|

Saturday, January 20, 2007
these hands ..God.
the heart ..God.
the physical body. God.
the grace, mercy, your love.. God.
the strengths, your goodness.. God.
for every piece you put into me to complete ME, God

may we continue to dwell in ur presence Lord.
let discipline, let realigning. let re-positioning.
let us arise to a brand new morning each day.
to open it with a prayer and close it at the end of the day.
let it be of simple faith, of living free..
fillled with whatever that is of favour of you.

|chunnie.poh| 11:45 AM|

Friday, January 19, 2007
trampoline ice-creams doesnt seem to cheer me up anymore.
even when i didnt have it for 5 weeks.
i dunno why.
spaced out.

i jus dun understand why.
i cant.
and i cant.
i feel such like a weakling.

|chunnie.poh| 12:35 AM|

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
yes im.jarred.
there is always the fear of a repeat.
why give yourself all the false hopes in the world.
when there are so much other stuffs waiting for you to do.
i rather live outside the box and live life the way it is.
things might have changed over summer.
feelings and emotions might have made a u-turn.
dreams and hopes are to be re-lived like they are.
to have that freedom of dance.
lighthearted and spirted and free to fly.

|chunnie.poh| 6:38 PM|

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
so today

in the afternoon.
lunch was at albertpark.the point.fantastic views of the lake.

just dreamy and lots of reflective thoughts.
spend time with mikey
both the company and food was awesome.
well now we all agree that steak is good without sauce.

went to kmart to get some play equipment for life*creche..
came back started packing
and i threw away all my lecture notes.
and the reading booklets.
m trying to pack.
m ready to move.
thank you for your provision of a place.

whilst all these,
i opened up cards and letters which was written to me.
about 5 years ago.
took out photos which was taken then as well.
to have read each card one by one.

ivy.loesin,penny, han, yingwen, brenda, aipeng, denice, charissa, yulin, bunny
those notes and letters and cards which send me off when i first came to melbourne.
5 joaners reunions to us being mums and wanting to bring our bubs out.

wanling,jess.lam, jess.t, lee-ean.
the starbucks tissues we used to write to each other
when we go there to study.
all the goodlucks notes which were written jus before exams.
to the cheer up notes.
to the photos when we went to sydney.

janet,shufen, cally, wahlay and eileens
all those little notes, to photographs, to postcards, and every year birthday cards.

michelle, verlicia and claudia,
self made cards for birthday.

each one reminded me how bless i am.
and i had been.

each one comes with a smile.
comes with a certain warmth.

jojo and annie...
m in the midst of making something out of the apples for jam recipe book.
thank yous soo much babes.

|chunnie.poh| 11:27 PM|

Monday, January 15, 2007
i wanna get back to my routine.
where i wake up earlyy in the morning.
to enjoy the warmth of His goodness each morning.
to be remembered that each sunrise is another note to a different key.

im going to sleep early tonight.
thank you God for ur mercies each morning as i awake.
im reminded each day of our faithfulness and promises.
as i share fellowship and communion with the community
im know im remembered by you for you have placed me in such a place
and a space which allows me to be safe.
to grow and learn.

i end this day by saying thank you again for remembering me.

|chunnie.poh| 10:52 PM|

Sunday, January 14, 2007
every blessing you pour out
will turn to praise.

thank YOU for the immense amount of opportunities.
for having the platform and space to be creative.
for the vision you have casted.
the amount of time given just for writing and preparing a way for ur kingdom for the next generations.
the love you have for your people.
the unlimited resources that you have poured out within means.
for You are the source of life and we draw strengths from YOU.

and YOU are AMAZING!!!

|chunnie.poh| 4:15 PM|

Saturday, January 13, 2007
i would love to be home.
i was vegetating infront of the t.v.
if i was home.
mum would probably have bought brekkie.
and i probably wld be talking to mummmy and helping her make lunch.

i ve been talking to mummy for probably half an hour now.
im still talking.
i miss home.

|chunnie.poh| 10:26 AM|

Friday, January 12, 2007
everything in His time.
to the cross i must carry.
abide my heart to you.

|chunnie.poh| 6:38 PM|

m toying with the idea.
wanting to go elsewhere to teach.
out of australia.
there are a few which i can be with dajie in hongkong
and in singapore with meijie.
let it run.

|chunnie.poh| 9:58 AM|

Thursday, January 11, 2007
let the thoughts run free.
dreams and visions that are awakening and waiting.
for each little seed and each plant that you watered on everyday
investment of time. investment of growth, love and energy.

everything would be beautiful in His time.

|chunnie.poh| 12:01 PM|

Tuesday, January 09, 2007
its one of the nights.
thanks for the dinner jerome and emily.
at docklands.
the massive pork ribs and the beautiful scenic place.
i felt light hearted really.

thanks jie and jack for the pressies.

|chunnie.poh| 9:40 PM|

sometimes i wonder.
the paths which i have chosen.
is it worth while.
just the decisions.
i know its all past and over.
i look back with a little bit of regrets here and there.
like i tell myself all the time.
deal with it.really.

i know He is stretching me.
i know He loves me.

|chunnie.poh| 4:49 PM|

it seems to be of whole pull back and think.
hey chuns ..what are you doing.
what do you want.
where and how and what and who do i believe in.
where do i want to put my faith.
its back to the winter season for a while.
while i snug myself into bed.
think things through and praying about it.
all these paths, roads and opportunities and choices.
how do i discern whether it would b a right thing to do.
part of me feels like going.stufff it.
part of me feels that He is asking me to make choices and decision.
i feel like solitude.
awayy away from all these things for a while.
its been some time that i feel i can say it out that im not stress about anything.
be it friendships to kinships to relationships to houses to jobs to finances.
but i do give thanks for the opening choices and opportunities.
for the so many other things that He had bless me with
knowing that im in a good place and i am indeed really blessed.
with the people around me.
i jus got to sort it all out within me and Him.
spacing out.fromhere.

|chunnie.poh| 4:30 PM|

Sunday, January 07, 2007
im wanting to listen to all your songs and follow the lyrics, word by word.
coming back to your heartbeat.
creating a certain time and space jus to connect back to you.
realigning and repositioning my heart.
refocusing all the ideas and dreams and passion you have placed within me.

i wanna surrender all to you.
you know the deepest desire of my heart.
you know me inside out.
strip me bare of what i hold inside.
i want to be as raw as flesh to you.

bring me back to the heart of worship.
i will sing, praises forever.
for you reign in this world.
you are the holy one and upmost high.
for all i need is you...

cause i know you love me.

|chunnie.poh| 10:54 PM|

the gearing of a new season.
paths diverging and inter-twinning.
space created.
relationships and friendships.
time for pray and to think.
give thanks for all that He have done in our lives.
the understanding.of each obstacles.
the grace and the mercy He had provide along the way.
the opening of new opportunties.
the love,faith and hope He had put into each one of us.
the placed in.
Jesus i believe in you.
Jesus i belong to you.
You are the reason that i live.
the reason that i sing.
With all i am.

|chunnie.poh| 6:27 PM|

Friday, January 05, 2007
i thank you for every opportunity
for the doors you have opened each day.
the paths and ways which are renewed every morning.
the promises which are refreshed as each dawn breaks.
for the gentle mercies and promptness you have spoken in my life.
for the love of the people you have gracefully shown me.
the blessings of your extraordinary ways.
the provision of stillness and space.
the nurturing of patience.
thank yous.
i love you dearly.

|chunnie.poh| 5:01 PM|

Thursday, January 04, 2007
here comes the summer group pictures.
people i have been hanging out with for the past couple of weeks.
thanks for making summerrr different.
love you guys.
enjoy the pictures.

|chunnie.poh| 11:44 PM|

Tuesday, January 02, 2007
isnt last year just 2 days ago.
was talking to jin n sue yesterday but last year seems so long ago.
ushered into 2007 at arrows with the summer group.

for the platforms.
music, balllooons, streamers.foood.
coffees, ball games, bumming , deep meaningful conversations.
a cold summer, walking around the city and the etc.

thank you for ur abundance of provision.
when the nothing seems impossible you seem to provide even more.
to fill up my life with these little joys.
to provide this journey with more smiles.
looking towards an intense 2 weeks for settling stuffs.
i love you.

|chunnie.poh| 10:44 AM|

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