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Sunday, July 31, 2005
just this arvo.
having a simple meal with the hsemate..
coming back with bags full of groceries.
cleaning up the house.

footscray market at 7.30am on a saturday morning.
late night cruises with the babes in pyjamas.
getting back to the routine of waking up and sleeping early.
meeting and catching up with friends.
sipping coffee or tea and sharing life..

my hearts much settled from then.
not yearning for any more 'no-caller id' calls.
but part of me feels weird,
refreshed but yet somethings missing..

looking forward to a whole new week of excitment.
'His mercies are new every morning'

|chunnie.poh| 9:05 PM|

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
this morning...
i feel a sense of his spirit calling.
a brand and new fresh morning called to be.
cause his mercies are new every morning.

a brand new morning
a brand new start.

i know you love me
i know you died for me
i know you care.

when i look into the sky above
wonder how my life have change
wonder how your love have came to me.
when i look into the sky above
all my fears are so far away
all i feel is heaven calling me.
so i look to you,
so i look to you.
no one else will do.
no one else will do.

walking alongside with Him,
my almighty creator.

|chunnie.poh| 9:22 AM|

Saturday, July 23, 2005
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these girls.before i left for melbourne.
while i was still wiping my tears for what have happened.
they/called me out.
esplanade.. hanging till late reminds me of the times they were in melbourne.
my kind of girls.=)
dearest all:so much yet to be much yet to be done.
love u girls.
melbie.been rather terms of emotions.
but ive been meeting up with people.
went to pitabread.
went to drive around n cruises.
n meeting with my bestie.
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taking photos everywhere i go.
haha till she cant stand me.
on the counter of gloria jeans.
whilst driving.haha
cant wait for school to start thens to hang out with the girls.
till then. ciaoz.

|chunnie.poh| 6:01 PM|

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
have i told you.
how much all these people mean to me.
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the joy that they have brought to my life.
love u heaps.

|chunnie.poh| 12:10 PM|

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Written by Corrinne May Ying Foo & Carole Bayer Sager

Sometimes I wonder what lies ahead
How long till my hunger is fed
They say it's hard to make it in this part of town
So many people on this merry-go-round

Some folks try astrology
Some turn to crystal balls
To find an answer,
To get through it all
I just fall on my knees and I try to pray
In the silence I can hear Him say

The river runs and the river hides
Out to the ocean and under the sky
I promise you, the answer will come
Hold on to patience and watch for the sign
Everything in its time

I often feel like I'm two steps behind
Somebody must have moved that finish line
There are a thousand reasons
Why I should give up
But I'm stubborn in the things I believe

The river runs and the river hides
Out to the ocean and under the sky
I promise you, the answer will come
Hold on to patience and watch for the sign

'cause maybe there's another plan
One I still can't see
A little surprise, like your love in my life
Funny how time changes how we see

The river runs and the river hides
Out to the ocean and under the sky
I promise you, the answer will come
Hold on to patience and watch for the sign
Everything in its time
Everything in its time

|chunnie.poh| 10:03 PM|

just came back from fetching the little ones to school.
as they depart the car..i watched them walk up the stairs to their school
i felt my heart sank down.

not long from now
ill be going away from this 'home' where family members are.
even before im leave this familiar place..
im missing it already.
just sharing a cup of coffee with mum in the arvo.
the times that michelle runs up and gives me a big hug and kiss.
running errands for mum
fetching the little ones from school...
shopping trips with aunts,mum....
7 weeks just flew past me...
im just in awe that how this winter hols been.......

going back to 'home' in melbourne.
where my spiritual family members are.
where friends dominate most of my time to pass it all.
the freeedom that i always tend to overlook.
the house filled with so much love and warmth....

yet something holds me back.
You keep me flying
You keep me smiling
You keep me safe in a crazy world
You understand me
Embrace my fragility
You keep me safe in a crazy world
And in your arms I find the strength
to believe in me again
:safe in a crazy world - corrinnemay.

|chunnie.poh| 3:06 PM|

Sunday, July 10, 2005
God are you there??

why does it seem that you are so far away.
i need to be filled with your love.
surround me once again with songs of praise
songs of worship
bring me back to the heart of worship
to where ill be standing with you.

|chunnie.poh| 7:09 PM|

Friday, July 08, 2005
this is the 4th year since we graduated.
but this class.always bring back so many memories...

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friendships which still stand so firm.
the closest frens that ive ever made.
bonds which never seem to break..
love u joaners.

|chunnie.poh| 6:14 PM|

Thursday, July 07, 2005
ive been surrounded by people i loved.
they have given me all thats within what i need.
ill learn the lesson all over again.
thanks dearest Ives, Pok, Han, Violet, Eric and Adel...

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|chunnie.poh| 1:03 PM|

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Happy Birthday.. to Mr.Benjy Lee

happy 21st to Priscilla and Camy on the 6th July.

im soughting for a restaurant in singapore where i can just spend time with penny.
so hard........
in melbourne.i never seems to have this kind of problems.
esp finding somewhere to eat...

totheYOU:i saw it all yest. nothing left to say, need not explain.
cause words and silence arent just good enough

|chunnie.poh| 1:55 PM|

Sunday, July 03, 2005
on love recently.
its been just the rambutans and durian trees along the streetsides.
the bunch of rambutans .and durians.hanging
amazes me.

im beginning to love llife more.
and seeing more of His wonders.
little miracles and surprises.

|chunnie.poh| 6:41 PM|

Friday, July 01, 2005
big congrats to:

EDDY and ANGEL...- on ur marriage. We Loved because HE first LOVED us..


Aunt Vivian n family on their house warming..- may your house be filled with many blessings of HIS

|chunnie.poh| 1:26 PM|

last night.someone whispered into my ears telling me that its okay to cry..
told me that dun force a smile onto my face when i dont want to.

but all i felt was the poison slowly releasing into my body.
all the way to the finger tip and toes.

im slowly crawling back into His arms.

into your hand
i commit again
with all I am
for you Lord

you hold my world
in the palm of your hand
and I'm yours forever

Jesus I believe in you
Jesus I belong to you
you're the reason that I live
the reason that I sing
with all I am

I'll walk with you
wherever you go
through tears and joy
I'll trust in you

and I will live
in all of your ways and
your promises for

|chunnie.poh| 1:02 PM|

loves her God,family,friends

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