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Thursday, January 24, 2008
was jus blog surfing.
and someone had the asyln- thats when i love you.
on their blog as their music.

steve walks towards me and asks me why im laughing.
hmmm.used to always think that would be my song.
ill use that for my wedding someday...

my reply for steve was that: that used to be my song.
and now it so doesnt fit...
in my mind, memories flash past like 1930420932km/h.
not even a little bit of regrets..
m glad that m on another page of a journey.=)

and yesterday.
we went to a spanish restaurant to celebrate "MY" part of our a year of journeying together.
would post pictures of the FOOD soon...

m going to spend my day off.
doing some paper work.for my kids.
going to the dentist and dinner with steve's parents.
n baking cupcakes toos.=)

looking forward to the longg weeekend..=)

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