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Friday, December 14, 2007
there is always something about christmas.
from the celebrating of Jesus birthday.
to family gatherings and doing festive shopping.
i started mine yesterday.
i know its way too late.
but i know i need to get it done..

so a week from now.
ill be jet setting back to home.
not that i dont call melbourne home.
but its a different place where families come together.
sometimes i hate to admit.
but i do envy people who have family around them.
its a far different life but i would love to have that sometimes.
bickering with my sis. have our moments.
but still.they are family after all.
it feels like we are all grown up now.
with our different lives.
meet only once or twice a year
i guess its all part of growing up.

and yesterday.
my kinder kids graduated.19 of them.
its my first batch of children offically as a teacher.
i love them all.
its been such a joyous year....
feels fulfilled and inspired......
to my minikins kinder children,
peter, renato, zoe, kayla, brittany, jasmine, billy, joel,thomas, bharat, venus, hannah, joseph, lucy, luka, jonathan,stian, teagan, dylan, kirsten and daniel. who graduated.
and catherine, cameron, anthea, sarah, samir, rianna, victor, mary, joel.d, joshua, ella..
have a fun filled holiday and a joyous christmas.

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