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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
talk bout being generous!!!
went to office works to do some printing stuff for work!!!
it cost like 99 cents for one colour print!!!
i said to steve..
gosh i didnt know it was so expensive.
and i had to print 70 copies for work and it didnt work out to be the amount that i budgetted with debbie.
so yea. i was like i need to call debbie and i send stevie to get my phone which we left in the car.
then this men came over and said, are you going to photocopy in colour.
first i thought!!! mayb he was asking if i knew how to use the machine OR he was using the machine
then he said to me, how many do you need to print!!!
i said ohhh like 70 copies cause im preparing for the chrismas concert in school.
he then said!! today is your lucky day!!!
he took out one copy card, he said i think there is like $35 dollars inside, should be able for you to do 30 copies.
i was like more than grateful really..
for such a man to do this!!
i went on to continue printing all the other stuffs i had to do!!
not knowing, he went to the 2nd machine and printed another 30 pieces for me!!
i am amazed!!! really amazed by his generousity!!
its not that i knew him or something, but just someone who doesnt even know me,
doesnt even know what am i doing all these for,
could just say, yea i feel like being generous and m blessing into you!!!
m marvelled!! =)))

its like sometimes, when i pray for parking in the city, God always does not give me one, but he gives me TWO to choose from!!!

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