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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
was send back from work this arvo cause i was running a temperture.
coughing badly and had a throbing headache.
spend the afternoon sleeping and snoozing.

went to the asian grocery with the boy.
cause he had to cook dinner for his parents.
and he got char siew bao for my dinner.
cause i did not want to eat anything else.
came back n i send out 3 emails regarding about my p.r to 3 government bodies.
took me 1 hour to think about what i have to write....

its 9.38pm n m having 1 char siew bao n half a cup of milo for dinner.

silence fills the air..
the housemates arent around.
praise and worship songs.on the play
brings a serenity of different things and peace to my heart
good night everyone.
chuns going sleepy sleep.
n bestie. i miss you heaps.
see u in august yea.
study hard for ur exams.

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