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Thursday, May 10, 2007
2 days and 4 nosebleeds.
clots and frustrations.
knew it came out of concern and expressed the wrong way the first time
cause he said.
- it is really cool, you should see the clots.
- maybe i did not excercise.
- and the day before it happened, he RUBBED HIS NOSE vigorously.

and so when it happened... i said!!!
see i told you SO!!! *so typical but trueee.
and so i tried all the firstaid skills i learned ..
cold compress and let the blood flow..

being paranoid after the 3rd nosebled..
i googled.about noseblood.

Causes of lower end nose bleeds
The most common cause of nose bleeds is trauma.
A blow, smack, or sometimes just picking the nose. and rubbing vigorously
Dryness inside of the nose can also cause bleeding.

High altitudes, colds, allergies and medications are all responsible for nose bleeds.

back to life*... and about food and adventure.=)))
jus as long he is well....

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