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Tuesday, January 16, 2007
so today

in the afternoon.
lunch was at albertpark.the point.fantastic views of the lake.

just dreamy and lots of reflective thoughts.
spend time with mikey
both the company and food was awesome.
well now we all agree that steak is good without sauce.

went to kmart to get some play equipment for life*creche..
came back started packing
and i threw away all my lecture notes.
and the reading booklets.
m trying to pack.
m ready to move.
thank you for your provision of a place.

whilst all these,
i opened up cards and letters which was written to me.
about 5 years ago.
took out photos which was taken then as well.
to have read each card one by one.

ivy.loesin,penny, han, yingwen, brenda, aipeng, denice, charissa, yulin, bunny
those notes and letters and cards which send me off when i first came to melbourne.
5 joaners reunions to us being mums and wanting to bring our bubs out.

wanling,jess.lam, jess.t, lee-ean.
the starbucks tissues we used to write to each other
when we go there to study.
all the goodlucks notes which were written jus before exams.
to the cheer up notes.
to the photos when we went to sydney.

janet,shufen, cally, wahlay and eileens
all those little notes, to photographs, to postcards, and every year birthday cards.

michelle, verlicia and claudia,
self made cards for birthday.

each one reminded me how bless i am.
and i had been.

each one comes with a smile.
comes with a certain warmth.

jojo and annie...
m in the midst of making something out of the apples for jam recipe book.
thank yous soo much babes.

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