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Friday, January 26, 2007
every sunrise is another note.
to ur constance of ur faithfulness.
its a new day.
yes another brand.
and i open all to you.

all the birds sing to our melody
that you've written for the symphony
how i love oh i love all the songs you have given me.
let me sing them back to you.

cause you've given your love
for an everlasting love.
cause you given me someone i can share it with.

let the lights beam in this harmony.
let our hearts find beat within ur keys.
and ill sing..
yes we'll sing.

cause you've given me ur tomb
for an everlasting bloom
and you've given me someone i can share it with.
someone i can share it with.

so we lay our hearts down.
because they are yours
use them as you will.
as you willl

let our lights beam in this harmony
let our hearts find beat to ur key
how we love, oh we love.
the song you have given us.
and we will sing them back to you.

|chunnie.poh| 9:17 AM|

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