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Thursday, March 30, 2006

dear friends,
i am thankful,
despite of the uneasy feelings and the heartfelt pains in my chest that constantly still haunts me when i sleeep.
the hidings underneath the blanket, and keepin myself away from people. and the wonderings of should i do something about my life. the depressing thoughts that comes and go all the time.

But, m thankful of what you guys have beeen there for,
a hug, sms, a phonecall, a prayer..catching up through ice-creams.
a walk down the street, through lunches.coffees.
a cooked dinner.shoppings.

thank you thank yous for the most little things.
the constant support that you gave, the listening ears, the advices.
the wanting to even meet up,the prayers through the phone.
shoppings;cause retail therapy helps. the amt of time and effort spend listenin to my whinings and nonsense. for suggesting we shld do something to occupy my mind and self.
For the amt of times the strawberry shortcakes happy meals from maccas excites yous.

i am really thankful and contented having you in this journey.
that you are so willling to share your life and journey.

i just want to have a quiet one today,
spend some time at home with work.
i miss home... in malaysia.

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