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Sunday, April 03, 2005
this holidays though have been one great n awesome one with frens.
sydney trip was like!!!
back to melbie.
ive got my food cravings all satisfied.haha
eaten like dessert house,ms marples,yum-cha
hotdog n crossiont from vic mart.
shanghai dumpling place.
shira nui sushi...
and the list continues.
haha it seem like as if im like pregnant..

and i watched movies yesterday.
okays.tuesday.i wanna go to the movies as well..
anyone???? i feel im such a sucker for movies nowadays.

looks like too much fun aint that good.
its hard now to tune back to the need to study.
the need to do work..
the focussing.the everything...
hanging onto the thoughts above me...

why does my hse smells like urs.
im drifting back to memories..
i dare not looked back and think.

as the minutes are tickling away.
i have to move on................

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